Election Day in Ontario

Today is Election Day in Ontario.

Tomorrow, hopefully all the lawn signs will be down and we get back to easily seeing what houses are for sale.

It’s been my experience that there’s always a lower turnout for municipal elections than provincial and federal.  That’s a real shame, but understandable.  Provincial and Federal have a leader’s face to them and there’s far more money spend on advertising and making it a big deal.  Unfortunately, it’s not the same for local elections for council and for school board positions.

And yet, these positions are responsible for so many things that we count on daily.  Things like local school priorities, roads, local business development, local tourism, garbage collection, sewers, policing, and the list goes on.  Did I mention roads?  Often, I think, we take these things for granted.  And we really shouldn’t.  They are big budget items.

We know that there are only so many dollars available and decisions need to be spent on what are priorities.  Your representatives help determine these priorities.

Around here, the big issues are:

  • transparency with council
  • getting a hotel in town (although our current mayor had two news conferences about the issue just this past week)
  • having Windsor take over our policing and the costs involved
  • roads (I suspect this is an issue everywhere)

Since our public school representative is acclaimed, there’s been no discussion about that.  There is a contest for the Catholic school board but that doesn’t apply to us.

In 2014, about 43% of the population turned out to vote.  Complete statistics are here.  It’s not like there’s a shortage of municipalities either.

So, 57% didn’t vote.

Of course, there are all kinds of reasons other than apathy but I think it’s pretty sad that there were so many that didn’t take the moment or two that it takes to have your input.  If you’re away or busy on Election Day, there are advance polls.

I’ll be there to vote later today.  I don’t ever recall not voting in an election where I was eligible.  I always have this fear of my favourite candidate losing by one vote.

Will you be voting?

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