Bring IT, Together Conference 2018

The Educational Computing Organization of Ontario (ECOO) is happy to announce its annual conference, November 6-8, in Niagara Falls.  This is the fifth year the conference has been held in partnership with OASBO-ICT.  The Bring IT, Together Conference is Ontario’s showcase computer technology conference.

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On November 6, half and full day workshops are offered to participants including the fabulous Minds on Media Event.

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On November 7, 8 participants will enjoy keynote speakers and one hour sessions on a wide variety of topics in addition to a number of social events.  A large exhibit hall featuring classroom technologies will be open to participants on November 7,8.  Registration is at: 

ECOO is also pleased to host the world debut of the film “To The Orcas, With Love”.  Details are found in this blog post –  Not only will the attendees meet and preview the film with filmmaker Natalie Lucier but they will get access to the film for classroom use, access to learning materials, and an invitation for Natalie to virtually visit classrooms to engage with students.

Complete details are in this BIT18 Overview .

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