My Week Ending October 14, 2018

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.


(You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Here are a selected few from the past week.)

  • Thank goodness this Facebook scam, the latest, appears to be over.  I ended up with a lot of messages from well-intentioned friends.  But, they still were annoying.  Particularly the first one which had me wondering…  And then checking…  Three minutes I’ll never have back.
  • I suspect that this comic would be applied to being miserable anywhere in Canada but you’d have to do a timeshift to account for the weather.  We haven’t had snow here in Southwestern Ontario but it seems like it’s cold enough.  It was 3 degrees this morning.
  • OK, it’s an opinion piece and I had to really look to understand.  Now, I have to wonder just where and when I would use a bagel emoji.  It could be a while; I don’t tend to use them even at the best of times.  I’ve been around long enough to use 😉 but still use it sparingly.
  • I may have to use some of the advice here.  Updates to Windows on my tablet have stalled because I don’t have enough memory to upgrade.  I just need to find the time and inclination to do it.  I’ve made the first step and bought a Micro SD card.
  • And here I though red was red.  I need to expand my use of the English language.
  • Talk to any kindergarten teacher and they’ll tell you the importance of birth date as it applies to most kids.  Maybe my own level of mediocrity can be blamed on being born in August.
  • I’m still not convinced that I need Google or anything listening to me all the time while I’m at home.  But, this is intriguing.
  • I just don’t get this.  I did follow the link to the document and font in question.  My eyes and brain hurt.
  • I did know that it had something to do with speed.  In case you’ve forgotten like I have, here is how hurricanes are rated.  Do you feel better knowing that you were damaged by a higher number?
  • Of course, it isn’t.  If you had been in my computer science classes, you’d know that I was always assigning problems for solution from a variety of areas.  I thought it made programming interesting and relevant.  I guess the truth would come out if you checked with my students though.
  • Do mental mathematics problems instead.  I’m a sucker for problems like these.
  • Who doesn’t like sparkles?
  • I’m surprised that it’s take this long for a story like this to appear.  Union Station has always been old and is currently undergoing a much-needed facelift.  Heck, it’s more than that.  It’s no surprise that things fall from the ceiling.  I hope that this story has a happy ending.  Bonus tip:  the last time I was in Union Station, there was no wifi in the Via Rail part.  But go around the corner and you’ll find it free in the GO area.  (As well as a selection of restaurants)

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Technology Trouble Shooting 

Nobody noticed it but me doing this post.

On Friday, I normally have a post called “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”.  Because the title is a running duplicate, WordPress adds a number to the end of it.

When I went searching for the link (and to increment the number), I realized that I had made a mistake in the title of this week’s blog post.

Did you noticed and were just too kind to mention it to me?

So, my count is off.

Actually, now that I found the mistake, I realize that I made the same mistake once before.  So, the count was off to begin with.

Should I just say I’ve done a lot of the same post?

Video of the Week

How much do they pay these guys?

My Favourite Photo of the Week

Things that need to be winterized?  From a trip to Windsor’s Kiwanis Park.


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Whatever happened to …

… row crop tractors?

I don’t know about your neighbourhood but around here, people really go whole hog about celebration of the fall.  Of course, there’s Hallowe’en on the horizon, but it’s also time to celebrate the end of the growing season as harvesting begins.

Driving out to Belle River the other day, we noticed that people were starting to take the soy beans off.  Corn will be a little later as farmers wait for natural drying.  The real treat though comes from visiting apple orchards and getting fresh McIntosh apples.  This is actually the only time of the year I opt for them as they’re at their sourest and crunchiest.

It was on this trip that we went by a farm that had a bunch of legacy farm equipment on the front lawn to show things off.  It was there that my wife and I saw a tractor from our youth.

I couldn’t find an image that I could include here but here’s a page devoted to Oliver tractors.  (Of course, I could have driven back to that farm and taken my own …)  But, click through and you’ll get the concept.

Unlike the tractors that you see on the fields these days, the original row crop tractors were unique in design.  In particular, the two front tires are almost close enough to touch each other.  I’ve heard of row crop tractors that actually had just a single tire but I’ve never actually seen one.

The logic in design was so that if you were fertilizing or scuffling a planted field you could drive down the field without driving over the plants.  So, the front tires were between two rows and the rear tires straddled a couple others.

Why don’t you see them these days?  While the big manufacturers still have a product with the name, they are nowhere near the same in design or size for that matter.  The problem was that if you made a sharp turn or were working on the side of a steep hill, there was a danger that the tractor would tip over and potentially put the driver at risk.

I can attest to that.  Years and years ago, I drove one when I was working on a farm.  There really was a safety issue that was apparent.  I remember the advice; while there were no hills on the field, I was told to not make any sharp turns.

For a Sunday, your thoughts?

  • Have you ever driven a row crop tractor?
  • Have you ever driven any type of tractor?
  • Have you ever been to a farm show or a car show where antique farm equipment is on display?  Where?
  • What’s your favourite fall harvest food?
  • What’s your favourite fall agricultural event?
  • Have you ever got lost in a corn maze?
  • Are you a McIntosh apple lover?  If not, what’s your favourite?
  • Do you know what a wind fall is?  If so, what have you used wind falls for?

It might be an obtuse topic but please take a moment to share your thought via comment below.

And to all you city slickers, get out to a local farm and buy something from a stand to get product at its freshest and to let farmers know that you appreciate all the hard work that goes into keeping us healthy.

This post is part of a regular Sunday series of fun-to-write posts from me.  You can read them all here.  And, if you have an idea for a post, drop it off on this Padlet.

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