Unless you were offline, you would have noticed that Google celebrated its 20th anniversary this week.  In Google fashion, it was celebrated with a Doodle

a YouTube video

And this resource.

It’s a summary of 20 years of Google Searching.  The results are a very visual display of top searches by categories.  Here’s the top of the categories where you can search.

I, of course, looked for Animals (probably influenced by the other category of Dog breeds).  It was fun though to pick a category and try to predict what the top search would be. 

How about Foods?

That’s the number 1 search for 2018.  How about in the entire history of Google Searching?

Water was number 1 every year.  It was interesting to move along the timeline checking out the various terms.

The process was very engaging.  I could see the same thing working very well in the classroom.  It’s an opportunity to try and predict what the world was curious about in the various categories.

The category of TV shows was interesting.  You could probably predict the top choice.  It was interesting to see the length of time that individual shows appeared.

If you’ve been around for a while, you know how Google has changed over the years.  What search engine did you use before Google came along?

More importantly, what will this look like 20 years from now?

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