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Want to know about Ontario education?  Ask an Ontario educator.

In the morning, I typically have 5am-6am all to myself.  On any day other than Friday, I use the timeslot to do some reading.  But, on Friday, I do things a little differently.  You’ll find a bunch of Twitter messages come through as in the following.

It’s my attempt to let those in Ontario education that they’re not alone.  The names come from my five (and 1 hidden) Ontario educator lists.

I like to think that the relevancy is that those names that get tweeted out have been active on Twitter recently.  I’m sure that we’ve all seen those “recommended lists” of people to follow where some of the people have been inactive for quite a while.  If the name appears in one of my tweets, you can be guaranteed that

  • they’re from Ontario education
  • they’ve tweeted recently

Beyond that, there’s no guarantee.  At ~500 people per list, there’s no chance that everyone will be on the same page – pedagogically, socially, politically, technically, etc.  As Ontarians, we respect opinions and thoughts even when they’re not similar to ours.

Now, as the originator of the Twitter message, I get a chance to see how people react to the message.  I think that everyone likes to be recognized.  Some people like it and add it to their list of likes, some people will retweet the message, and some people will send back a very nice message to me.

I’m wondering if we could do something – like focussing on the second point.  Simply retweeting the message.

The whole point is to let others know they’re not alone and that there are great connections to be made.  But, most certainly, I don’t know them all.  I don’t know who you value in your network.  If everyone just did a simple retweet, then everyone in your network will be introduced to some new names.  Maybe they’ll find some valuable new connections.

Paul McGuire gets it.

I’m looking at the math.  If the original message contains 17 names and it got retweeted by all 17, and then those messages got retweeted, and then those got retweeted, we could get a real thing going.  Computer science teachers will immediately visualize a tree in the making.


(Badly drawn attempt at a tree)

So, if you believe in the concept of building and expanding a network, could you consider just retweeting a message you’re tagged in.  Good things could happen.  Keep your eyes open tomorrow!

And, a little plug for another little project – if you’re an Ontario education blogger or you know of one, this Livebinder is always waiting for additional blogs.  Just complete the form and add the new one.


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3 thoughts on “On Friday

  1. Doug, you just convinced me to do something different tomorrow. I never retweet the FF list I’m on, as it makes it seem to me as though I’m saying to others, “follow me.” I just go through the list and follow those I’m not already. Your comment about connections really resonated with me. Tomorrow, I think I’ll retweet. Thanks for getting me to think differently. I wonder if others feel the same.


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  2. It’s always a thrill to be on your list! Not to mention finding new folks to follow and to retweet and share those contacts with others. Reminds me of that old shampoo commercial “then I told two people and then they told two people and so on and so on….” It takes two clicks to share….I definitely have time to do that! Thanks for all you do, Doug!

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