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Never say you know everything in your online world because things change.  New things happen.  What you thought you knew is history…

I’ve been poking around with the Brave browser.  I’d suggest that it’s worth a click on your part to go and take a look at the claims made with respect to your privacy online.  I’ve long been interested in removing the advertising from my browsing experience (not that I necessarily have anything against people making money but with a slow internet connection, I don’t want to waste bandwidth downloading stuff that I’m not interested in.) and I’ve never really noticed any advertising that would inspire me to do something about it.

Recently, I read about this…

Brave browser dumps Google search in France, Germany

So, I just had to read about it.  Every browser has a default search engine and search engines do pay for that privilege.  That’s part of what supports browser development.

Upon reading the above story, I see that Google was “dumped” in favour of Qwant.


I’d never heard of it.  I often take a look at the list of recommended search engines that come in the settings of the browsers that I use regularly.  Qwant had never appeared anywhere before (or at least I’d heard of).  Or Qwant Junior for the younger browser.

Both were intriguing as I did a few searches to get the feel of each.  Interestingly, and a nod towards wider computer screens, there are options that can be done with any search.  They appear vertically on the page and provided added value and enrichment to any search.

Qwant Qwant Junior
Screenshot 2018-09-14 at 12.01.48 Screenshot 2018-09-14 at 12.01.31

It’s interesting to poke around and see what all is offered.  It challenges the notion of what a search engine is and what it could be.

Of real interest are the claims in the Privacy section.  Not only does it answer questions about what it does, it should raise questions about what other search engines do.

It’s a Saturday and you have a few moments.  Why not poke around and see what web browsers in France and Germany are doing.  Will you follow?

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One thought on “Search anew

  1. 🙂 I have never heard of Qwant until you mentioned it.

    I also gave it a try and I must admit that it is a very impressive search engine.

    I used the Brave web browser in the past; I had no issues with it.

    In my case, I utilise the Google Chrome web browser, because I use certain extensions.

    The Brave web browser loads quickly.

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