@voicEd #twioe Playlist – Weeks 76-80

The voicEd radio This Week in Ontario Edublogs summary continues with Week 66.  66? Wow, I can’t believe how many.  This picks up on July 27 18, 2018.

Week 76

voicEd Radio Show:  https://soundcloud.com/voiced-radio/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson-eva-thompson-july-25?in=voiced-radio/sets/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson

twioe Blog Post:  https://dougpete.wordpress.com/2018/07/27/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-318/

Featured posts by:   Peter Skillen, Jon Orr, TheBeastEDU, Larissa Aradj, Eva Thompson, Sue Dunlop, Diana Maliszewski, Melanie Mulcaster 

Week 77

voicEd Radio Show:  https://soundcloud.com/voiced-radio/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson-august-1-heather-swail-paul-mcguire?in=voiced-radio/sets/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson

twioe Blog Post:  https://dougpete.wordpress.com/2018/08/03/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-319/

Featured posts by:   Aviva Dunsiger, Peter Cameron, Paul Gauchi, Heather Swail, Paul McGuire, Debbie Donsky, Jennifer Casa-Todd, Martha Martin, Sue Dunlop

Week 78

voicEd Radio Show:  https://soundcloud.com/voiced-radio/his-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson-guests-lisa-cranston-august-8?in=voiced-radio/sets/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson

twioe Blog Post:  https://dougpete.wordpress.com/2018/08/10/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-320/

Featured posts by:  Lisa Corbett, Nancy Niessen, Matthew Morris, Amy Szerminska, Lisa Cranston, Kyle Pearce, Sue Dunlop

Week 79

voicEd Radio Show:  https://soundcloud.com/voiced-radio/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson-august-16-radiothon?in=voiced-radio/sets/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson

twioe Blog Post:  https://dougpete.wordpress.com/2018/08/17/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-321/

Featured posts by:  Ruthie Sloan, Heather Lye, Matthew Oldridge, Paul McGuire, Peter Cameron, Krista Sarmatiuk, Stephen Hurley

Week 80

voiced Radio Show:  https://soundcloud.com/voiced-radio/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson-jonathan-so?in=voiced-radio/sets/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson#t=0:00

twioe Blog Post:  https://dougpete.wordpress.com/2018/08/24/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-322/

Featured Posts by:  Lynn Thomas, Melanie Lefebrve, Joe Archer, Jane Mitchinson, Jonathan So, Ann Marie Luce, Lisa Cranston

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