My Week Ending September 2, 2018

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.

Readings (You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Here are a selected few from the past week.)

  • It’s horrible to read about the fires in British Columbia.  That wasn’t lost on cartoonists though.
  • I really like Miguel Guhlin’s thinking and insights.  In this case, it’s about taking notes on a Chromebook.  Notetaking is a very personal thing.  You should experiment with the tools and then choose the one that works best for you.
  • All libraries need to be innovative in their thinking to provide value for those who would see them go away.  How about moving classic novels to Instagram?
  • When you have students who have trouble with English, consider how messed up the language is.  Full of inconsistencies.  What if we removed them?
  • With going back to school, here’s advice for principals about how to stand by teachers and students when they mess up.
  • Again with going back to school, you can never have enough challenges for students solution.  This is a particularly challenging collection.  (at least I found them challenging)
  • We don’t have an IKEA in Essex County so I’ll have to rely on a blog reader to check out a store and see if these tricks are, in fact, real.
  • I really don’t get this.  How can an outside authority investigate Google’s secret sauce that determines search results.  Why pick solely on Google?  Shouldn’t they also look at every search engine?  I still don’t see how it will work though.  Even Colonel Sanders has kept his coating secret for how long?
  • This has to be the most retweeted message from this past week.  Who’s looking out for student rights?
  • The concept of a paper-free classroom has been talked about many times in the past but it’s resurrected in this article.  I don’t buy in 100%.  There are times to go paperless but we do know that there are times when it’s best done with paper.  At least with a photocopier, it’s not like dittos where you always had to run a few extras because of badly duplicated copies.
  • Your indigenous reading for this week.  Free for a limited time.
  • Here’s a maker project for the upcoming school year with Lego.
  • For Computer Science teachers (and Mathematics) (and anyone who works in a digital world), a nice discussion about checksums.

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Technology Trouble Shooting 

So, I was a little too cocky last week thinking that I had solved the problem with my MacBook Pro and its trackpad and jumping cursor.

I’m back to hating that computer again.

I’m relegated to going to the settings and turning off the Trackpad when there’s an external mouse connected.  That pretty much makes it a desktop computer anymore.

Thankfully, I have my Chromebook for portable purposes.

Video of the Week

I hadn’t heard this song for years and years and years.  It’s a reminder that you can sing about anything!  And, I remember every word.  On the other hand, I just walked into this room half an hour ago and forgot why.


My Favourite Photo of the Week

It’s a new day for Jaimie and me.


Thanks for reading.


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