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The end of the no-fly zone

After the sixth race at Leamington yesterday, there was an issue with the starting gate resulting in a lengthy delay.  Normally, I’m wandering around and doing my thing as a people watcher.  I elected to go up into the grandstand and have a seat.  As luck? would have it, I sat in front of two gentlemen who were equally as involved with killing time.

They were in a bit of an argument and the discussion was a tad loud so I couldn’t miss it.  It was the kind of conversation that every teacher has heard (or a variation of it) and feels a need to respond on behalf of the profession.

The one gentleman had said to the other.

Well, I guess your two month holiday will soon be over.

That got the lesson started.

  • teachers get additional qualifications over the summer
  • teachers attend professional development sessions over the summer
  • this teacher had taken a computer course to update his skills (be still my heart)
  • teachers are always looking for bargains at dollar stores, yard sales, and others for use in their classroom since the board only supplies the basics
  • teachers are in their classrooms redecorating
  • teachers are studying their classlists and preparing for the years ahead
  • teachers worry about those students who have home challenges during the school year and hope that things like regular meals are taken care of
  • then, there was the whole Health and Physical Education curriculum discussion
  • and I’m sure that the conversation included more

I couldn’t help but hear this because it was so loud.  I did pretend to be reading my program but anyone who looked at me had to have seen the smile.

Then, there was this one comment.

My principal and caretaking staff have limited access to classrooms and some areas a week at a time over the summer calling them “no-fly zones”.  Teachers weren’t allowed to go to those classrooms.  Why?  They were closed for cleaning, floor waxing, and refurbishing for the fall.

It made a great deal of sense.  Even our dog doesn’t have free wandering rights of the house when it’s cleaning day!

The good news is that starting Monday, August 27, all of the no-fly zones have been cancelled.  Teachers are welcome to come in and get prepared for the start of school.

The things you hear.

Welcome back if you’re one of those educators that will be in getting things ready for the new school year.


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