Whatever happened to …

… lemonade stands?

Thanks to Sheila Stewart for the inspiration for this post.  This past week, she sent me this article…

Lemonade Stands: Rule Breakers or Kid Makers? Ask Pete

There’s enough in the post to raise your anger but that’s not the point for this post.  Let’s think about the original concept of the lemonade stand – a chance for kids to make some money.

I remember reading about it once and my mom suggested that I try it.  Looking back, it was pretty much guaranteed to fail.  We lived off the main drag in a small town.  So, it wasn’t like there was much foot traffic that would have been passing us by.  My brother and I set up a stand – we used Kool-Aid and charged a dime.  Our only customer was the guy that worked with my dad and walked to work.  He negotiated us down to a nickel.

Fortunately, our mother was understanding and didn’t charge us for the mix or the sugar.  Or the cups that we had on the stand either.  Our stand was actually a card table that we took outside.  We did have a little bit better luck later on having a stand at the hospital’s penny sale.  But, I didn’t leave our community as a rich man.

These days, I live in a bigger community but I can only remember one lemonade stand this past summer.  Inflation has kicked in; while they had the same sized cups that we used, the price was now $1.  I got the sense that we were the only customers!

There are just so many other options; as I think about a walk along the main street, there’s a Mac’s Milk with its big slushy machines, a couple of other convenience stores with the same setup, two Tim Horton’s who are now in the lemonade business, McDonald’s who has featured cold drinks this summer, and a number of restaurants.  There just doesn’t appear to be much room for the little entrepreneur anymore.

What are your thoughts for a Sunday?

  • have you seen a lemonade stand this summer?
  • did you operate a lemonade stand in your youth?
  • where’s your favourite place for a cool summer drink?
  • what do you think about legislation as appears in the article shared and the little entrepreneur?
  • lemonade or limeade or something else?

Please share your thoughts via the comments below.  It will be fun to read your thoughts.

And, if you have an idea for a future post, please share it with me like Sheila did.  I have this Padlet set up just for this purpose.

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3 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …”

  1. Strangely enough, I just drove by a lemonade stand in my neighbourhood not that long ago. It made me think of when I was younger. I never operated a lemonade stand, but I used to stop at some with my sister to buy a drink. I do prefer limeade though, even though it’s available less.

    I remember a number of years ago, when a Kindergarten teacher in the Peel Board created a lemonade stand with her class. Some real potential here for financial literacy, as well as reading and writing with the making of some signs. Now you have me wanting to make a lemonade stand. 🙂 Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


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  2. Thanks for going with the topic, Doug. I have seen a few more lemonade stands this past month. I wondered if it was because of the heat wave or because kids are looking for new things to do in August.

    I recall being involved in a few summer sales attempts in my youth — it was always Kool-Aid in my day too. Our own kids did quite well selling hot chocolate during early morning yard sales in the neighbourhood, when those were more popular. Whatever happened to yard sales… ? 🙂

    We have been enjoying milkshakes from our local Merla Mae lately. Cold brew coffee is another fav over the summer months. I also prefer lime over lemon in drinks.

    The legislation story surprised me. Here’s a lemonade success story I read yesterday:


    Cheers to the rest of summer!

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