My Week Ending August 5, 2018

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.

Readings (You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Here are a selected few from the past week.)

  • Readers of this blog know that I’m a big fan of the Opera web browser.  In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that my show on voicEd Radio requires Chrome, I would use it all the time.  Chrome is just so popular and has such a large installed base.  How will Opera compete?
  • Tattoos every librarian should have.  I think someone should do a show and tell session at the OLA Superconference.
  • I’m a longtime user of LibreOffice and OpenOffice before that.  In fact, I’ve never had a copy of Microsoft Office on my own computers.  We did have it at work.  This posts gives reasons why you should use LibreOffice and also a few why not.  What is missing, though, is a connection to the web.  That would make it really perfect.
  • One thing that Microsoft does really well is OneNote.  Here are some tips for getting more from it.  I really like the fact that there’s a OneNote for every device that I have.  It’s also a piece of software that I’m positive I should get to know more about.
  • Is bigger always better?  Or is it overkill?  Here’s some good advice about what sort of processor you should have in your next computer.
  • I think this is a concept that people just take for granted.  After all, we’ve used the term “collaboration” for years.  But, do we really understand the best techniques?  You might learn something new from this article.
  • It’s an ad from Google about things that you’ll miss from Windows and Macintosh when you switch to Chrome OS.  Sure, it’s a little tongue in cheek but no matter what your level of fan-ism is, you can’t deny some of the imagery.  Faster processors minimize the effects but it’s still there.  With Chrome OS, the biggy for me is not having the think about finding a time to upgrade.
  • Peanuts has always been one of my favourite comic strips.  I think I went to school with a Pig-Pen.  Maybe it’s me?  But, did you know that Franklin has been in the comic strip for 50 years.
  • Why choose a Pixelbook over a Macbook?  Here are 10 reasons why.
  • I use Linux Mint on my PC.  I found this post about Peppermint interesting.  At this point, though, not interesting enough to permanently switch.

Blog Posts on doug … off the record

Blog Post on

voicEd Radio

My on demand page can be found here.  The latest edition features blog posts from:

Technology Trouble Shooting 

Do you see that list above?  It’s among the hardest blogging thing I do.

  1. I type @avivaloca
  2. I highlight the name
  3. I bold the name
  4. I click the link editor
  5. I type
  6. I highlight @avivaloca
  7. I paste it at the end of the link
  8. I then highlight and copy so I don’t have to type it again
  9. I then click on OK
  10. One done.
  11. I type @cherandpete and go to step 2 and repeat 4 times

I do this every week.  There are only five names but it takes a while to actually do it.  I’ve shortened the experience with the copy/paste of the part.  But, sadly, I have not been able to do it successfully yet.  Inevitably, I end up missing Step 5 somewhere along the line.

It’s a personal goal to get this right.  Just once.  Wish me luck.

Video of the Week

Last week I shared a video featuring Always b Miki and I commented about Wiggle IT, JiggleIT.  He’s got to be owned by a computer user.

I did some followup and enjoyed this running of the Little Brown Jug.

Then he went missing.  That happens in horse racing.  But, he’s been swimming and getting into shape for a return this summer perhaps.  I’d love to see him show up at Mohawk.  I’d go.  It would ultimately be very cool if he raced at Leamington but Stakes Races don’t run there.

My Favourite Photo of the Week

From a morning dog walk, here’s where our local firefighters stay on top of their skills.

Screenshot 2018-08-03 at 11.51.45

I wonder if they bought a permit.

Thanks for reading.


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