Life, as we know it

Last week, in my This Week in Ontario Edublogs, I shared Larissa Aradj’s post about Geographic tools that she learned about at the California Geo Teacher Institute.  With my fascination with maps, there has been considerable time and exploration put into this.

In the post, Larissa shared a map of Ontario capture from the Map of Life website and the list like this…


If you read my comments, you’ll remember that I was a bit fixated on the 119 types of fish.  I mentally had started a list:  Perch, Pickerel, Salmon, Bass, …

I stopped to think on “Bass” because I know that there are various types of Bass.

What was missing on Larissa’s screen capture (and mine too) was located in the top right.


You have the ability to download the entire list.

A quick look is enabled when you click the animal type – i.e. fish


and certainly that’s interesting in itself – 14 pages of fish.

But, I downloaded the entire list and brought it into LibreOffice easily since it’s a .csv file.


Downloaded from on Jul 30

Now, it gets really interesting.  The image above is only what I could capture on a screen grab.  This list is pretty long including everything attributed to Ontario.  Above, I went to the “Fishes” section.

This generates so many questions – and problems and wonders.

What a wonderful big source of data that’s easily repurposed for learning spreadsheet manipulation skills.  Or, since it’s .csv for Computer Science programs where you want to work with interesting and relevant big data.

So, a big thanks to Larissa for sharing her learning with us.

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