My Week Ending July 29, 2018

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.

Readings (You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Here are a selected few from the past week.)

  • I’ve often wondered why home security systems haven’t embraced this.  After all, wifi is just about everywhere.  Why not measure any changes in it to determine movement?  It would also work outside.
  • Like my former colleague was fond of saying “There’s got to be a workshop in there somewhere.”  Here, it’s about ideas for using Twitter in the classroom.
  • The story here is about a teacher-librarian but it could apply to any tech-savvy teacher.  In a perfect world, it should apply to every tech-savvy student.
  • I know that my grammar skills have deteriorated over the years.  I blame it on people that are making mistakes, I read them, my mind remembers, and then…  Proofreading is so important.  Here’s a quiz to see how well you can do.
  • I’ve really enjoyed all the discourse that erupted from the Forbes article about replacing libraries.  Here’s one of the stories.
  • I actually knew this.  But, in case you were wondering why your ceiling fan can blow in two directions, read this.
  • Would a price drop in the Microsoft Surface as it releases a Surface GO make you buy one?  Some day, I’d love to read an article that explains exactly how computers are priced.  Right now, we just assume that the higher ones mean better specs and better quality, right?  Even when a store has a sale, you know that they’re still making money.
  • Darwin had a theory.  It’s sad that an article like this even needs to be written.
  • Ontario teachers hate reading stories like this in July.  But, remember that our friends to the south start back to school much earlier than we do.  I’ve never understood why.
  • I think all shopping malls probably have the technology to do this.  The biggest answers lie in ethics and the ability to actually use it.

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Technology Trouble Shooting (actually just learning from mistakes)

I just learned this writing this post.

Readers of my blog know that I make any link I’m referring to bold so that they stand out.  In the section above, I wanted to make a link so I highlighted the word like I normally do (double clicking the word) and then I made a mistake.  Or so I thought.

Instead of CTRL-B like I normally do to make it bold, I hit CTRL-V instead.  I have a new appreciation for them being located to each other on the keyboard.

Can you guess what happened?  Wow – I’ve just saved myself a fraction of a second but when you add it up, it’s going to make a difference in the long run.

CTRL-V, CTRL-B – I wonder if I could create a macro…

Those years of keyboarding before mouse and learning shortcuts just paid off.

Video of the Week

Last weekend, we intended to watch the harness races in Dresden but they were cancelled due to track damage from rain.  It was the same thing at Clinton Raceway.  We drove through the rain but I didn’t think it was that bad.

So, I got a chance to watch races online via YouTube.  I enjoyed this world record of 1:46 by Always B Miki.  It’s so impressive.  I can remember when it was something special to see a race that went under 2:00.

But the real interest was in this followup video from YouTube suggestions.  Yes, it was another Always B Mike video but the horse that finished second had to belong to a computer user.   The name?  Wiggle It, JiggleIt.  That’s always good computer problem solving advice.

As an aside, 1:47 on a sloppy track is very, very impressive.

My Favourite Photo of the Week

We had giants playing badminton in our back yard last weekend.  They left their gear behind.

Screenshot 2018-07-28 at 11.04.34

Thanks for reading.


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One thought on “My Week Ending July 29, 2018

  1. Hi Doug!

    Just a couple of quick replies:

    1) Regarding the Surface computer and any other new technology, you always pay a premium for the newness of the item. Wait a couple of years and you can get the same thing brand new at a considerable discount.

    2) I remember being fascinated to learn somewhere on the order of 25 years ago that our local mall was running technology at all of the entrances so they could actually track the number of people in the building at any given point in time. We used to hold our regional science fair at the local mall and each year it was their annual day of highest attendance, beating out Christmas shopping season and Boxing Day.

    3) I think schools down south break earlier for the summer because their summer/growing season starts earlier in the year than ours?

    4) Ctrl+V is paste, so it pasted in the URL, right?



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