Wonderfully (and violently) old school

This post most certainly will date myself but I like to think it’s in a good way.


Before we were were talking about high resolution images, we doodled with ASCII characters to be able to draw things.  What’s an ASCII character?  Anyone who has taught or taken a Grade 10 Computer Studies course know that it’s the set of characters that can be generated by computer keyboard.  Then, there are extended ASCII characters.  But think of them as k, ^, *, $, etc.

Left in the hands of creative people, you can do amazing things by placing characters together in the right place.  Your only restriction perhaps is with the model that you’ve chosen.

Screenshot 2018-07-23 at 09.57.26


Long before there were real life-like video games, we played games that were generated by native computer graphics.  This followed the classics like “Pong” and great programmers were able to give us pretty a good immersive experience for the time and the state of technology.  A biggie was “Doom“.  Don’t be confused by the package cover; the graphics were not that good.

What happens when you merge the two?  A project called 1336d00m.

Warning – it’s pretty violent.  But, you can download Windows, Macintosh, or Linux versions at the link above.

And, no, I haven’t turned artistic.

I created the ASCII art of myself at Picascii.

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