Response to spammers

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these posts.  I do check the things that Akismet catches as periodically well intentioned comments get tagged as spam.

But, some of  the things that are legitimately caught are noteworthy.  (at least for me)

If you check the time stamps, you’ll see that they’re relatively recent.  It’s a tough world out there.

Well, there’s always the dictionary.


I have no idea what this is trying to tell me.  At the recent CSTA conference, I got a definition for Midwest which makes more sense than this Northeast for me.  And, I’m pretty sure that most of the terms in your name haven’t got a chance to sneak through a spam checker.


You must be a very slow reader.  It’s very seldom that my blog posts are more than a screen or a screen and a half in length.  I like to make my point and then move on.


Here’s a get rich scheme in the making.  I’ll take all my posts and put them together in book form.  Then, you won’t be able to fully understand an entire book.


It’s always scary when this happens.  I’m a little sad though that the Catholic Church didn’t capitalize its name.


I could probably fix the Firefox problem since it’s open source.  Internet Explorer might be a little more problematic with its proprietary (and ancient) code.  Sadly, there are places that still require Internet Explorer because they refuse to update their own utilities.


This is written obviously by someone with an astute mind.  We should compare your astute mind to my brilliant mind.


You know, there’s this Google thing that might help you in your search.


Good fashion advice if you want to look cool like Carlo.


It’s always nice to be cited.  Maybe I could join your school meet up.


I’m pretty sure that any airport will let you rent cars.  Then, there’s the guy at Mac’s Milk in town who has a uHaul franchise.  Tell him Doug sent you.


It’s hard to believe that all this stuff came in in the last 24 hours.  I guess the good news is that there were no legitimate comments caught.

If you’re wondering if you should comment or not, rest assured that there will always be comments worse than whatever you post!

OTR Links 07/19/2018

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