PATH in Toronto

I remember going to the Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto.  I spent the time living with a friend who had worked at the Eaton’s Centre and he introduced me to PATH.

PATH, if you’ve ever been underground in the big city is a series of connections that let you go from place to place without seeing daylight unless you want.  For this newbie to Toronto, it was a wonder.  For me, the biggest wonders were “do I know them all?” and “I wonder where this goes”.  There are plenty of directional signs but I was always positive that it made sense only to those who knew the landmarks and the streets that were actually above ground.

I’ve got lost there more times that I can count.

But now, there’s an answer is the “Path App“.

So, for example, if you needed walking instructions from Union Station to the Eaton Centre, it’s just a matter of entering the locations.


Once you’re there, what’s in the vicinity?  You’ll notice the zoomin and out buttons.


I had a great deal of fun just exploring from my chair here in the southwest.  By zooming out and really appreciating the scope of PATH, it answers the question as to why I always had the feeling of being lost!  It’s reportedly 30 km in length.

Poke around and just reload your browser if you get lost.

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