My Week Ending July 15, 2018

Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week.

Readings (You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Here are a selected few from the past week.)

  • This is great advice for new principals or principals new to a school.  While you might want to be the great creator of change, it’s wise not to do it all right away.  Some tips.
  • Lots, well a few, people who had a Windows phone are wondering about jumping ship.  This is a story about a Windows phone user who investigated the Windows Launcher for Android and liked it.  I’ve personally gone that route and I really like it.  I showed it to a die-hard Windows user at the CSTA conference and we might have a new convert.  I read an article somewhere about how to make your entire Android phone Windows friendly.  Is that a bridge too far?
  • This is a wonderful discussion about the difference in supreme courts between Canada and our southerly neighbours.  Thanks to a social studies teacher in high school, I actually remembered most of this.
  • I found this truly sad.  As part of the promise to cut Ontario taxes, curriculum writing including Indigenous content has been axed.
  • TLDR; We pay more in taxes.  But, it’s a good read none the less.
  • A little Canadiana for you from the local newspaper.  Sixteen things invented by Canadians.  Well, there’s basketball, insulin, …
  • This is a great article about da man behind voicEd radio.  If you don’t know Stephen Hurley’s history with radio, it’s a good read.
  • Everything I needed to know about sex, I knew in 1998 apparently.
  • I love this new logo that will appear in handicap parking spots at Tim Horton’s field in Hamilton.
  • So, Walmart has the technology to snoop on employees.  How long before it’s applied to shoppers?  It’s not like Walmart are the bad guys.  Look at ISTE.  Look at casinos.  It’s our future.  It’s just a race to see who does it quickest and best.

Blog Posts on doug … off the record

Blog Post on

  • Plan Now for #BIT18 in November (I know I shared this previously but I’ll do it again here.  Please share it with your social network and those within your district, particularly those with PD money.  I’d like to meet as many people as possible this fall.  I also get to chair the ECOO Annual General Meeting.  After a year of doing the Board of Directors online, it will be nice to see real faces of people that the organization serves.)

voicEd Radio

My on demand page can be found here.  The latest edition features blog posts from:

Technology Trouble Shooting

I know that the disclaimer is that Linux Mint 18.3 is probably good enough for everyone and there’s no real reason for updating to version 19.  But it’s there – why not?

So, I tried the upgrade instructions on this computer which boots Windows 10 and Linux Mint.  Everything was going well until the computer locked up.  Gulp.  When I tried to reboot it, it was like someone had stolen my hard drive.

I burned a fresh DVD of Linux Mint version 19 and did an installation.  From scratch, it went very well.  Now, I have Windows, a bad copy of 18.3->19 and a good copy of version 19.  That should be easy enough to fix.  After all, under Settings, there’s an option to manage disks and media.  With the hands of a novice surgeon, I went in and found the corrupt partition of Mint and deleted it.  This time I did pay attention about rebooting immediately, presumably to store the information on the hard drive.

I started the computer again and this time got a GRUB Rescue prompt.  I’d never seen it before and clearly this surgeon needed his hands slapped.  Fortunately, there is help for those of us who need it.  Stuck in GRUB Rescue Mode.  Step by step, and I was back in business with a Windows and a Mint partition and dual booting working well.

I still have that corrupted installation but this surgeon will do some actual reading to make sure he deletes it correctly.

BTW, I installed the Xfce version and it runs very nicely.

Video of the Week

Don’t you just hate songs that get into your head and you can’t shake them?

My Favourite Photo of the Week

No duck picture this week.  Instead, I was on the second floor at the computer science building at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and saw this.  It was beautiful and apparently a real challenge to clean.  I found out it’s a Chihuly.    When I asked my new friend Kristeen how it was spelled, she said “like it sounds”.  So, I tweeted it out as Chahoolie.  Hooked on phonics.


Thanks for reading.


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