@voicEd #twioe Playlist – Weeks 36-40

The voicEd radio This Week in Ontario Edublogs summary continues with Week 36.  This picks up on October 17, 2017.

Week 36

voicEd Radio Show:  https://soundcloud.com/voiced-radio/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson-october-17?in=voiced-radio/sets/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson

twioe Blog Post:  https://dougpete.wordpress.com/2017/10/20/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-278/

Featured posts by:  Karaline Vlahopoulos, Jennifer Casa-Todd, Sue Dunlop, Deborah McCallum, Diana Maliszewski, Helen DeWaard, Jessica Gladu

Week 37 

voicEd Radio Show:  https://soundcloud.com/voiced-radio/this-week-in-edtech-with-doug-peterson-october-25?in=voiced-radio/sets/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson

twioe Blog Post:  https://dougpete.wordpress.com/2017/10/27/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-279/

Featured posts by:   Paul McGuire, Jim Cash, Sheila Stewart, Andrew Campbell, Deborah Weston, Larissa Aradj

Week 38

voicEd Radio Show:  https://soundcloud.com/voiced-radio/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson-november-1-2017-11-01-1114-am?in=voiced-radio/sets/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson

twioe Blog Post:  https://dougpete.wordpress.com/2017/11/03/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-280/

Featured posts by:  Jennifer Aston, Lisa Cranston, Ann Marie Luce, Cameron Steltman, KNAER-RECRAE blog Vicky Ward, Deanna McLennan, Mark Chubb

Week 39

voicEd Radio Show:  No show – BIT 17 fiasco!

twioe Blog Post:  https://dougpete.wordpress.com/2017/11/10/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-281/

Featured posts by:  Stephen Hurley, Aviva Dunsiger, Eva Thompson, Cal Armstrong, Ramona Meharg, Jim Cash

Week 40

voiced Radio Show:  https://soundcloud.com/voiced-radio/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson-november-15?in=voiced-radio/sets/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-with-doug-peterson

twioe Blog Post:  https://dougpete.wordpress.com/2017/11/17/this-week-in-ontario-edublogs-282/

Featured Posts by:  Tim King, Aviva Dunsiger, Paul McGuire, David Carruthers, Eva Thompson, Zelia Capitão-Tavares, Mark Chubb

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