Is that a slice?

This was from a happenstance walk by of a session yesterday at the CSTA Conference while on my way to address some other issue.

It’s another experiment by Google and it’s directly applicable to something that we all know about – Pizza.

Screenshot 2018-07-09 at 06.12.41

Even in the descriptor above, you know that this is going to be rich in computer science.  But, it’s also fun.

We’ve all seen those Captcha things that drive you crazy.  They’re designed to make sure that it’s a human accessing websites – you get a series of pictures and you have to pick out the ones that contain a car, or a roadsign, or …. pizza?

Screenshot 2018-07-09 at 06.12.19

You’ll recognize the attributes and this is an interesting activity that lets you determine criteria and then apply it to test date to see if you can do some AI programming to determine pizza.

Of course, if you’re like me, you like to get it to test the limits and try to trick it.

All in all, the activity is good fun but it’s so rich in computer science concepts.

And, you might end up a bit hungry too.

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One thought on “Is that a slice?”

  1. I saw this presentation at SIGCSE and left with mixed feelings. The session was pitched as ML for CS teachers with little CS knowledge.

    The pizza app is cool but I left thinking that there was a big missing piece which was the actual under the hood ML. It looks great as a tool where the teacher is already knowledgeable but I don’t know how much serious mileage a class will get out of it beyond being a cool demo if the teacher doesn’t already know the subject.

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