I’m not above stealing a good idea when I see one.

And, I saw one.

I was proctoring a workshop at the CSTA Conference in Omaha.  It was lead by Google presenters and dealt with the #CSFirst initiative.

In the session, there were times when the group was broken into smaller groups to work on an activity or set of activities.

We’ve all been in workshops where this is the setting.  It’s the time limit that’s important here.

How many times have you seen a presenter (or yourself) use the clock on the wall to get the timing right?  Or, the most sophisticated approach – use a countdown timer application like one of these.

That wasn’t the case here.  In this case, the presenters had a countdown timer embedded right into one of their slides that had the activity outlined.

Screenshot 2018-07-08 at 14.25.04

The timer itself?  It was actually a YouTube video!

Now, being a video, it could be immediately resized.  The advantage was that you can have the slide with the instructions and the timer right on it.  One slide to do a number of things!

When it was time to begin the activity, you just click the movie and the timer starts to play.  The instructions remain on the screen for the entire time.  It appeared to be the perfect combination and certainly looked very professional.

You can see a nice collection of YouTube timers here.  Just find one that suits your needs and embed it into your presentation and you’re good to go.

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