This Summer in Ontario Edublogs

Stephen Hurley and I are well over a year in our voicEd Radio show.  It started on a whim for half an hour on Wednesday mornings (because my internet access is almost non-existent in the evenings) and has morphed into a 45 – 60 minute show now – depending upon how it works out.


The whole premise was Stephen’s – since I regularly have a blog post on Friday mornings highlighting some of the great Ontario blog posts I’d read recently – and he invited me to chat about 4 or 5 of them on the show.  In the beginning, it was a lot of work but I’ve realized that I’ll never be a great radio talk show person and now it’s fun.

Over the year, we’ve experimented with a number of things.

  • making the show longer
  • taking the show on the road and broadcasting live from Minds on Media at the Bring IT, Together 2017 conference
  • taking the show on the road and broadcasting from a classroom in Burlington

and sometimes, we even stay on topic.  It’s just that the blog posts bring back memories or encourage a bit of divergent thinking on our part.  It’s just been fun.

For July, we’re going to try something new.  We’ll still be broadcasting as per normal – Stephen in the Cave and me on or near the patio but we’re going to go a bit different and invite a special guest to each show.

Why the summer?  Well, the Wednesday morning broadcast time isn’t a very good time for teachers who tend to be working at the time.  Thank goodness for the archived podcasts.

In the summer though, that goes all away.  So, we’ve reached out to some of our “frequent flyers” or regular posters to join us for the conversation.

This morning at 9:15, our guest will be the one and only Paul McGuire.

And our blog posts for discussion…



If you’re free, please join us as we broadcast live at 9:15.

Please share your thoughts here

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