Playing with colour

One of things that Firefox has always done is to make itself configurable as your browser.  Add-ons have always been around to extend the functionality of the browser right “out of the box”.  As well, themes have allowed you to make the browser look like it’s yours and yours alone.

Of course, this pushing of things makes the whole industry change and attempt to catch up by offering the same or better facility.  We’re all winners when this happens.  A few years ago, Firefox introduced the concept of Personas where you could create your own identify.

Customization is available again with a Test Pilot feature called Color.  I love stuff like this.  Most browsers, right out of the box, are kind of boring.  Typically, they’re silver and need to be spruced up!  Color does that for me.  It’s part of Firefox’ Test Pilot program.

Load Color and you’re ready to go.

Note all the areas that you can choose to customize the colour for.


And, to get you started, there are some pre-configured themes.


Whoa!  That’s colourful.

I kind of like a dark theme and so decided to make one of my own.  And, what would a quality theme be like without an element of green.


This was a lot of fun.

If you like to muddle about, you’ll enjoy this.  (It can be educational too when you look at the RGB components…)

How long do you think before other browsers add this ability?

One thought on “Playing with colour

  1. Doug, your post is making me think about graphic art. When we do visual arts with kids, are we providing enough different ways to explore the elements of design? Your post makes me remember the saying that, “Every child is an artist.” Maybe we just need to unlock these artists in various ways.

    Thanks for the good reminder!

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