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This is a followup to a blog post that I featured last week in “This Week in Ontario Edublogs” from Paul McGuire.

People Respond: Education Issues in the Ontario 2018 Election

In the post, Paul includes a link to a form where you can enter issues that you’d like to see addressed by the political parties.


Let’s use this time wisely – just so you know, you can fill this survey out as many times as you want!

You can see the results immediately.  Topics identified so far are:

  • Regulation 274
  • Supply teacher shortage
  • Need for more evidence-based education policy, pedagogy
  • The amount of money spent seconding teachers for years in toronto to just ape the party line
  • Smaller class sizes
  • One Secular School System
  • Kinder class size should not exceed 20
  • Consistent assessment (triangulation of data) across Ontario – A move towards mastery and an elimination of letter grades
  • Standardized testing
  • Health curriculum (keep it!)
  • and much more

Have you heard any of your party leaders or potential MPPs address these?

Do you have your own issues you’d like to see discussed?

Head over to Paul’s blog and help the list grow.

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  1. Grade 5’s discuss issues as part of Social Studies. It would be intersting to hear their thoughts on these issues, including other ones that they think should be discussed (and why). Looking at these issues from differing perspectives (points of view) would be great too, & also align with expectations. What a great time to be exploring this Social Studies with your class!



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