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It’s Sunday morning as I write this post.  I’m waiting for the Grand Prix of Spain and the interviews with the principles are running on the pre-race show.  A member of the Formula 1 management team is talking about the efforts that the new team has to create their brand as a media space rather than a sporting space.

It was interesting but made a nice tie in to an application that I was playing around with this weekend.  The app is called Logo Game.

It was fun and time consuming as any good gaming application should be.  It acknowledges or confirms that we live in a world full of product branding.

The game is simple enough.  A logo for a brand is displayed on the screen and all that I had to do was identify it.

I hope this isn’t a prediction for the future.  This Ferrari fan certainly would have liked to see a prancing horse logo but this came up instead.

Screenshot 2018-05-13 at 07.08.03

All that you have to do is type the brand name that goes with the logo. It comes as no surprise that the game is supported by advertising as you’ll see from the Jeep advert!

Looking ahead …

Screenshot 2018-05-13 at 07.08.30

Most of those logos are immediately recognizable.  A couple needed some pondering.  I think part of the challenge was seeing them all displayed as the same size.

I guess I live in such a branded world!  And pay attention to things too.  Of course, it would be a piece of cake if the lettering that appears with some logos was left in and so you’ll notice that some of them have been carefully edited out.

I know that, in a Business Education class, you could get a great deal of mileage from this application.  I’m sure that you’ve got ideas for whatever you teach.

As the Formula 1 race nears and you see television shots, you can’t help but notice company logos everywhere – Emirates, Esso, Hublot, Heineken, Pirelli, Lenovo, Shell, Aston Martin, Red Bull, DHL Ray Ban, and more.  And, of course, Rolex.

We do live in a well branded world.


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