Education Week

This is Education Week!

From the Ministry of Education’s website

Education Week takes place during the first full week in May. It is an annual event celebrated by school boards and schools across the province. It is a time for students, teachers and parents to celebrate teaching excellence and student achievement.

So, what’s happening in your part of the education world?

Please share below.

Of course, many have taken to Twitter to share stories, pictures, and successes.  Just follow the hashtag #EducationWeek.

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2 thoughts on “Education Week

  1. For our school, Education Week means Open House. Ours is tonight. Our Board also hosts the Yes, I Can Awards this week. Then our fabulous School Council is hosting their annual Staff Appreciation Lunch tomorrow. So kind! I’d love to hear what others do for Education Week.



  2. One big event I was involved with this week was our Coding Quest Arcade. It was a tremendous day of learning, sharing and fun. It was both surprising and rewarding to see the jump in coding proficiency when compare to last year – which we were actually amazed by at the time. It is hard to even take in the number, variety and complexity of projects and games that we saw… from grades 4-6! We had returning teachers, who extended their commitment to these valuable STEM activities for a second year. And also teachers who were new to Scratch and coding, and who made such a success of their own learning and curriculum integration, while inspiring their students. All of us who were observing and chatting with the 100 participating students noticed that they were very open to speaking with each other and asking great questions about the games they explored. We felt that this was also on a different level when compared to last year, and a great indicator of the growing confidence of our young computer scientists. I can’t say that we timed this specifically for Education Week:) But it worked out well…


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