Is there anyone in Ontario and the greater world who hasn’t stopped to think for a while about the incident that happened in Toronto on Monday?

Since one of the categories in my Flipboard account is “Canadian News”, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the category was flooded with stories.

What might come as a bit of a surprise is that the stories all didn’t originate from Ontario.  The event has made the news world-wide – as it should.  You could probably predict this but not all of the articles have the same perspective.

Quite frankly, some of the articles appear to have been quickly assembled with only a subset of the information that’s available.  I suspect that’s part of the business – it’s more important to get something out rather than wait until all of the details have been gathered and thoughtfully assembled into a news report.

There was one piece of fact that could definitely have formed the facts for a news piece.  It’s the user video showing the Toronto police officer handling the driver of the van and ultimately performing an arrest without shooting his gun.

It would have been easy and I don’t think that there would have been much of a concern had this happened.

Who knows what went through the police officer’s mind?

  • training to handle a situation like this
  • a desire to arrest so that further information can be learned
  • the possibility of innocent people getting hurt via a missed shot or a ricochet from the building behind the driver

What appalled me was the variety of opinions that went into news stories about the police officer’s actions, especially the negative ones.

The opinions ranged from being a hero to blaming the officer for not shooting and killing the driver.

This from people whose only work hazards might be a paper cut ripping a story from the printer or a typo on a teleprompter.

While the complete details will be forthcoming, the police officer’s judgement is the real story at the moment.

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One thought on “Judgement

  1. Thanks, Doug. I happened to be in the car the afternoon of this incident, and got to hear the interview with the passerby who shot the video of the incident. What came through loud and clear was how in awe the passerby was of this cop. He had stopped in the first place, because he saw a lone police officer facing down a suspect, and thought the officer might need support or documentation. He did not know what had already taken place. He just kept saying “he was all by himself. He did such a good job. I just wanted everybody to know that”. It was an incredible example of how this kind of arrest should be handled, if possible.


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