Shaking my head

I made a mistake before I went to bed two nights ago.  I turned on the news just to see what was going on.

There were two things that made the top of the news.

These weren’t the actual news reports that I saw but they’re exemplary of the topic.  Reports from both Canada and United States to show that we’re all exposed to this.

Md. School Shooting: Shooter Dead At Great Mills High School, 2 Others Injured

2 students injured in school shooting

Two takeaways

  • Students were “only” injured
  • The shooter was killed

Austin serial bombing suspect killed in dramatic confrontation; ID’d as 24-year-old man

Bombing suspect kills himself in Austin, Texas, police chief says

Two takeaways

  • The report was going on and on that this was only an “incendiary device”.  I had to do a Google Search to make sure that I understood what incendiary was just to make sure.  only?
  • There was a full scale show of force trying to hunt this down.

In the morning comes the news that the suspect was killed

Flipping through the news channels, that is the only story that seems to be covered.

It’s sad but I guess we’ve moved on.

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One thought on “Shaking my head”

  1. I think you’re right,Doug, to notice the use of “only” here. I think that it’s a way of normalizing the violence. If nobody is killed except the shooter, then it can be an “only”, right? Because that way we can demonize the shooter/bomber/perpetrator, and not have to think about gun control or mental health. Makes it easier for those who cannot see that we desperately need change, not damage control, or linguistic bafflegab.


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