I know something Google Maps doesn’t know

or Bing Maps too for that matter.

What do I know?

That Amherstburg has a Sherbrooke Street.

How do I know this?

I read the newspaper.  One of the things about living in a small community is that you get a chance to get into all the little details that would probably go missing in large cities.

Now, big cities are growing all the time.  There are new roads created regularly so not to have them on the map wouldn’t surprise you.

But, Sherbrooke Street is in the older part of Amherstburg.  When I read the story in the newspaper about the town closing it and doing a land conveyance, it caught my attention.  I’m not really one for knowing street names to begin with so it didn’t come as a surprise.  I typically find my bearings by landmarks.  “It’s near the Sobey’s store”.

But my wife knows them all.  So, she was very surprised when I asked her where Sherbrooke Street was.  She had no idea and the document in the newspaper was well shrunk so we couldn’t make out all the details.  We did know that it supposedly connects King and George streets.

I fired up Google Maps and then Bing Maps and neither had any clue when I searched for the street.

Off we went to town to see if we could find it.  After all, George Street is only about four blocks long.

And, we struck out.

There was no street sign.  But, as we circled about and came back, we think we know where it might be.

There’s a parking lot for the Amherstburg Freedom Museum that only goes half way from King to George before it hits a fence and then what looks like parkland on the other side.


Our guess is that they’re going to “close” this road to extend the parking lot.

Only time will tell.  But, if you see the Google Streetview car driving in circles looking for Sherbrooke Street, tell it not to waste its time.  Even if it finds the street, it appears that it’s not going to be there for long.

And, let me put my Amherstburg ambassador hat on for a bit, if your travels take you this way, make sure you visit the museum.


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