A virtual holiday

Happy Spring Break to everyone.  Is there a holiday or break that is more diverse than this one in Ontario?

I know that, as a kid, the big deal for us was to either play in or go and watch the activities at Young Canada Week in Goderich.  How cool is it that it’s still in operation – the website indicates that it’s the 69th version.  Wow.

Growing older and away from Huron County, this holiday time takes on different perspectives.  It became a time to go skiing, visit the Ontario Science Centre, and take kids of our own to hockey or other sporting events.

The one thing we didn’t do was line up in the big queue to cross the Ambassador Bridge to visit the airport or to just drive south on I75 to Florida.  A popular destination place was always something Disney owned and operated.

Now, you can take that trip without leaving your computer keyboard with Google Streetview.

Screenshot 2018-03-09 at 09.33.28

This screen capture only gives a taste of the amount of Disney exploration to be had when you click here.

So, if you’re staying home but still want to share the experience with colleagues or students who did head south during the holidays, you can do it online.

Can you imagine all that had to go into a project of this magnitude?

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  1. According to Mr 14 and 16, this year is the biggest exodus they can remember in their school lives. Classmates are in Florida, Cuba, Mexico, BC,Alberta, New York City, Peru….The weather is not ideal for our traditional snowshoeing/cross-country skiing/maple syrup-making adventures.

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