Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in downtown Toronto.  For many, that may not be such a big deal.  It’s their reality.  For me though, it was exciting to see how things have changed since the last time I was there.

Of course, when you think of downtown Toronto, you think of the CN Tower, Roger’s Centre, the Royal York, …  I always get a kick from looking at the architecture and design.  You can always spot a Scotiabank by its unique colour.

There’s glass and windows everywhere!

It’s so easy to find web resources that deal with nature, babbling brooks, trees, etc.  But how about something devoted to the big city structures and ongoing projects?  My searching took me to Skyrisecities.

Searching for indexed Canadian cities reveals the ones you’d expect – Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.  Toronto has its own site – UrbanToronto.

It was an enjoyable experience poking around and seeing what construction projects are ongoing.  You’re not limited to Canadian sites; think big picture.


The Formula 1 Grand Prix series is about to start so I wondered about skyscrapers in Monaco.  I normally think about the Casino or the harbour but was treated to some gorgeous pictures of the Tour Odeon.

And, as with most things like this, I was off exploring.  I was a little disappointed not to find the beautiful Penobscot Building but that quickly passed as I was off to something else.

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  1. Kind of weird that the Penobscot building isn’t there. It’s a beautiful structure (and it always makes me think of Margaret Houlihan).


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