Hey, it’s Cortana

One of my morning news feeds is Microsoft specific.  This morning, it was flooded with the news that Microsoft had released Cortana for the iPad.  Story after story after story about it.

There’s my call to action.

So, I went to the Apple App Store and, not surprisingly, it was the first result for a Cortana search.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t the only result.  So, I made sure that I had the one from Microsoft and downloaded it.

To be honest, I expected to find out that it wouldn’t run on my device.  After all, Siri won’t run on it.  Apple stopped updating the OS on the iPad2 a long time ago.  So, I was pleasantly surprised that Cortana installed without a complaint.

Now, to test it….  Then, you have one of those moments when you realize that these digital assistants want to have access to your entire life.  It needed permission to use my microphone, access to photos, calendar, contacts, …  It’s too bad there wasn’t a button that said “You already have access to all that on my Windows 10 computer, knock yourself out”.  A few permissions granted later and I’m looking at an extremely clean interface.  Now, I could have typed my query like I would normally on Windows 10 but decided to use the microphone.

“What’s the weather in Pong.., Pyong…, Pyeong…, How many times have I heard it on television in the last week?

I couldn’t pronounce it correctly so it was easier to say “South Korea”.  If you look at the results, Cortana knew what I meant and responded appropriately.

CortanaSo, a tap later and I would be on an an appropriate web resource.

What would Google do?  On my iPad, I also have the Google Application.  I asked the exact same question and got this.


What would Siri do?  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out since I can’t install it.

I’m still up in the air about where or if digital assistants are going to run/take over my life. Heck, I’m still trying to get my head around the difference between the Google App and the Google Assistant.

I still like the concept of typing because it’s mostly accurate as opposed to voice recognition.

I’m still at the playing point and don’t really have a complete opinion yet.  But, as any kindergarten teacher will tell you, playing is good.  I’m fully aware that both are calling home to Bing and Google in the process.

So, I have two opinions that I can turn to if I need to on my iPad.

Just not Apple’s.

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