Whatever happened to …

… CDs and DVDs.

From the Padlet, comes this query.

Screenshot 2018-02-10 at 06.37.06

There’s a lot to be taken away from this.  Do you remember music stores or video stores as well?  You could go there and buy or rent a music or video media.  These stores were a real disaster as time and technology moves on.  I can still think of a couple of music stores but that’s about it.  Video stores?  Definitely a thing of the past.

Computer-wise, there was a time when this was how software was distributed.  The real advantage as well was that you could put this original media in a case and it was there if you ever needed to reinstall software.  In fact, I have cases and cases of them and, quite honestly, like the suggestion above, I haven’t opened them in years.  So long, in fact, that they’d be just a waste of time.  Even if I was to install the software, there would be a large number of updates just to get it up to today’s standards.

When I was on the OSAPAC Committee, that was how we got software out to the province.  It was also a method that I had working for the School District as I would master and distribute a “Teachers’ Essentials CD-ROM” for every fall to get everyone on the same page with things like Report Card software.

What’s happened?  As I think we all know, access to the internet and high speeds changed everything.  Now, when you want software, you just go to your “store” and download it.  Or, run it through the cloud.

It’s the nature of the teacher beast that we hoard things like this so it was comforting to know that I’m not the only one with a “collection”.  There was a time when I did my backups to DVD because it was such a reliable medium.  But, today, it’s difficult to find and certainly a premium to buy a computer that even has a CD/DVD player installed.  It’s also now just an option on many cars.  The upgrade to satellite radio seems to have replaced it.  Oh, and then there’s a USB port to plug in your media player.

Teachers are creative sorts and I know that these old medium are now materials for projects.  They make intriguing mobiles or wheels for your own truck/car.  I know that I’ve even used a few of them placed together to level a desk.

What are your thoughts for a Sunday?

  • Do you still have a collection of CDs or DVDs sitting within reach?
  • Does the computer you’re using right now have a CD/DVD drive?  (Mine doesn’t)
  • Have you ever done a personal backup of your data to DVD?
  • Have you ever ripped a CD to your MP3 player for portable music?
  • What innovative ways do you have for using your old media that saves them from a landfill.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  I’d like some good ideas for what to do with my collection.

And, if you have an idea for a future post, please share it to the Whatever happened to … Padlet.

3 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …

  1. I do have quite the large collection of both CDs and DVDs, and I never really use either. A few years ago, my teaching partner and I used some CDs for an art project. Students drew and painted on them, and then we hung them on the trees in the Kindergarten area. They acted like mobiles and caught the light. Lots of neat conversations around light ensued. Then recently, I gave a bunch of CDs and DVDs to my stepdad. He wanted them for wheels on cars that he’s making with a group of students. I guess you just need to give them to teachers to come up with an interesting way to reuse them. I wonder what others might do.

    Thanks for the weekly trip down memory lane!


  2. You know that the value is low if you enjoy watching Storage Wars and hear the comments when they get a box of DVDs and say they can get $2 each for them.


  3. I am proud that my entry from padlet made it to the big time! — I do have a few “antique” wall clocks made of various computer disks and cds. One is even in Hexidecimal!
    Arta Szathmary,

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