There, but for the lack of a hashtag …

… goes the greatest home collection of books ever.

Or, at least a really good collection.

It started with a Twitter message from Hazel Mason to me on Sunday morning.

Who could say no to a request from Hazel Mason?  So, I turned to the right and grabbed a fun book from my bookshelf and tried to figure who in my network might be awake at this time in the morning and willing to share.

My reply to Hazel.

That started something really nice.

And, I’ll bet there are more.  To find these, I just went back through my timeline and found Twitter messages with the text “Upload the cover of a great book without saying why;” and mentioning me.

Dropping the ego for a moment (and the “dougpete”) reveals that this was indeed a big collection.

Find them all or See the Book covers

Imagine how much easier (and inclusive) this would have been if someone, anyone, had thought to include a hashtag to easily track them.  I know that there were more that I had been tagged in but this is what the Twitter search revealed.

But, it was a fun exercise and there was a great collection of books shared.

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