More than text

Before you start hating on me, remember two things…

  1. it’s just an example
  2. I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan

One of my favourite blog posts to write appears on this blog on Sundays.  It’s a feature that I call “Whatever happened to …” .  That’s my attempt at baiting and switching.  You actually have to click the link to figure out what I’m writing about this time.

It is fun and I like to read people’s memories on various things.

I also like to give you an opportunity to have some input on the topic that’s written about.  I use this Padlet to let people give me ideas.  It’s as easy as double clicking on an open area and typing your ideas.  And, there have been some great ones.  Thanks to those who have contributed.  You can do so anonymously.

Did you know that there are more ways to enter content into a Padlet?  Click the … once you’ve started to reveal


I’m sure that, as you look up and down the list, there are all kinds of ideas that are springing forth for use with a Padlet.  Particularly in the classroom, making things easy and accessible is important.

What could be easier than recording your voice?  Selecting that option opens


You’ll have to grant permission for Padlet to use your microphone – this is a good thing.  Then, click the microphone icon and record your message.  Play it and experiment a few times if necessary until you have the recording you want and then save it.

It will appear on your Padlet as


Now, visitors have more than a just read option.  Clicking the play button lets you hear the content posted…in this case the very nasal voice of moi.

I like the idea for use in the classroom.  There are so many different ways to collect input on a topic.

What do you think?

And, if you want to experiment, head over to my Whatever happened Padlet and drop me off an idea for a post.

1 thought on “More than text

  1. This is fantastic, Doug! It could also be a good option for kids that struggle with writing. Why not allow them to record orally and share in the same space as their peers?!



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