Clichés to avoid (like the plague?)


I had to smile while reading this story yesterday morning.

17 Horrible Business Cliches That Make People Ignore Whatever Else You Have to Say

I decided to cherry pick some clichés from the list that I’ve overly heard in education and most certainly online.  When Twitter, for example, was limited to 140 characters, I guess you had to compromise your words for effect.  But, now that the limit is longer, you’d hope that people would have more room for a different (better?) choice of words.

Nah, it isn’t happening.

Here’s my list of cherry picked words linked to a Twitter search for current use and your amusement …

I can actually picture certain people using those words.

How about you?

Do you use any of those words regularly?  In proper context?

When you hear them used, do you ignore the person saying them from that point on?

Are there words from the article that you would apply to education?

Are there any other words that you’d like to add to the list?


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