Let’s Talk

Today is Bell’s Let’s Talk Day.

You’re going to hear and see all kinds of advertising and promotions about today being the day to talk about Mental Health wellness.


The majority, if not all, visitors to this blog are educators.  January 31 may seem like a strange day for Mental Health wellness.  After all, it’s a concern from the first day of school for educators and often before that as you look at class lists.

Statistics about the situation come from society in general and they are scary.  Bell, once again, is here to provide inspiration for all to get involved.

There is a very comprehensive toolkit on the Let’s Talk website available here.  Of particular interest is a Conversation Guide and a collection of tools for teachers and students.

Social Media can get involved as well.  Bell is donating $0.05 for each action in the following.

Screenshot 2018-01-30 at 14.26.43

I challenge all doug — off the record readers to get involved and do at least one of each of the above.  It’s only six things.  Let’s make social media work towards a solution.

You can start here.

 to send this message to Twitter – “I’m supporting Bell Let’s Talk Day #BellLetsTalk”

Please share your thoughts here

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