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With the upgrade in the Google Chrome browser to version 64 (exactly Version 64.0.3282.119 here), there’s a feature that I’m going to be using quite a bit, methinks.

I’m an early riser and reader.  Unless I’m outrageously tired, I’m up and doing some morning reading around 5am. I’ve mentioned this before; I get a good hour before the dog rises and wants to begin his day.  But there can be moments when all these good intentions and planning go to waste.

I freely admit that it’s my fault and I could definitely do a workaround.  But the thought to do that only kicks in around here when I visit a website that automatically plays music or a video upon visiting it.  With planning, I could have muted my computer but I’ve always relied on scrambling to mute the tab once the sound starts to play.

In Chrome 64, it’s now possible to mute a site.  Just find the offending site and right click on the tab to get the popup menu.


Select Mute site and that’s that with the noise.  You’ll get a visual that the site is muted with a little muted speaker icon right in the tab.


Change your mind?  Right click on the muted tab and unmute it.


I know that people were excited when webpage standards allowed for auto play upon landing on a page.  It was done with good intentions.  However, over time, it’s become annoying and even intrusive.  I like the fact that I can now decide whether or not to allow an entire site to use/abuse me.  I suspect that it won’t be long before other browsers incorporate this feature.

Sometimes, it’s the little things.

Oh, and there are a lot of other things that came in version 64.  Read about them here.


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