Reading a story like this should raise the ire of every parent, every educator, every administrator, every trustee, well everyone.

Waterloo region teachers wearing Kevlar as violence in classroom grows

This isn’t a standalone story.  Embedded in the article is a link to a similar report about Durham teachers.

  • If you’re a parent, this could be your child, your child’s teacher or it could be a classmate of your child
  • If you’re an educator, this could be you or this could be a colleague
  • If you’re an administrator, this could be a student or an educator in your system
  • If you’re a trustee, this could be happening in your district
  • If you’re none of the above, this could be someone that you run into in a public place

It’s time for the powers that be to step up and address this head on.

“He said the union wants to government to step up and provide additional funding in situations when safety is involved because “safety needs trump everything else.”


But, it should never have got to the point that this call is even made.  How can a system ignore 1,300 reports of violence as reported in the story?


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2 thoughts on “Kevlar?”

  1. I can’t help but feel like there might be more to this story here. As you said, 1300 acts of violence is huge, so what’s not being told to us? Why is this coming out now?

    I also wonder what Stuart Shanker might say about this. Could Self-Reg help reduce the amount of violence? What’s required to change a system?



  2. This is not new. I would think that the numbers are similar in any system. I have EA’s in my sysyem who wear Kevlar. No one’s going to release those numbers because they’re terrifying. Some administrators discourage teachers/EA’s from reporting, because they don’t want to be “that” principal, so you know the numbers are higher than what’s being reported….

    When we do report, the general feeling is that nothing happens. The few times I have reported an incident, there has been no follow-up at all from anyone I’ve sent a form off to. So where’s the impetus to report?

    We are also normalizing our students to violence (physical and emotional). If students are used to evacuations, used to seeing the adults around them being hurt (physically or otherwise) , used to seeing restraints, used to hearing distressed children screaming in hallways, they are being damaged, too. They aren’t going to tell a parent that their class had to leave their room if it’s happening 3 times a week….it’s just their normal.

    And yes, Aviva, training in ways we can all help each other co-regulate would be awesome. Talking about these incidents with a community of students, parents and teachers would be amazing, too.

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