Reading a story like this should raise the ire of every parent, every educator, every administrator, every trustee, well everyone.

Waterloo region teachers wearing Kevlar as violence in classroom grows

This isn’t a standalone story.  Embedded in the article is a link to a similar report about Durham teachers.

  • If you’re a parent, this could be your child, your child’s teacher or it could be a classmate of your child
  • If you’re an educator, this could be you or this could be a colleague
  • If you’re an administrator, this could be a student or an educator in your system
  • If you’re a trustee, this could be happening in your district
  • If you’re none of the above, this could be someone that you run into in a public place

It’s time for the powers that be to step up and address this head on.

“He said the union wants to government to step up and provide additional funding in situations when safety is involved because “safety needs trump everything else.”


But, it should never have got to the point that this call is even made.  How can a system ignore 1,300 reports of violence as reported in the story?



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