Time zones

You know, there was once a time when I would blog and post the it the moment I got  finished.  Life was so much easier then.

A few years ago, I got into the habit of blogging on a daily basis.  I like it; it gives me a chance to share my thoughts on various things, comment on articles that I’ve read from other places, share my thoughts on various pieces of software, and all kinds of other things.

There are some “regular” things that I write about – “This Week in Ontario Edublogs“, “Whatever happened to …“, and a less regular series  of “Interviews“.

To keep myself on track, I’ve started scheduling one blog post a day to appear at 5am.  That gives me the freedom to create it whenever I want during the day and to have it appear reliably the next.  Certainly not making a comparison here, but I kind of imagine this is how newspaper journalists work.

I was pretty excited, last week, when Sarah Lalonde agreed to be interviewed.  The interviews aren’t done live, but rather over a period of time, so that the interviewee can think through and have the best answers to represent themselves.  I got a message over the weekend that she had completed it and so I let her know that I would move it over to my blog and schedule it for 5am on Monday.

Now, the plot thickens.

I was in Omaha at the time, having spent the weekend planning for this summer’s CSTA Conference.  Going slightly off track, the new convention centre is awesome and there appears to be so much to do there as promoted by our contacts in Omaha – the world’s best zoo, the cobblestoned old market area, walk along the river, visit the Casino, walk over the bridge to Iowa, etc.  It was interesting to note that you drive through Iowa as you go from the airport (in Omaha) to downtown Omaha.  The locals blame it on the river moving.  The airport was very friendly and so easy to navigate.

So, back to the topic – I knew I was in a different time zone.  When you look at your flights  and see that it’s only a one hour flight going but three hours returning, you know something’s up.  Based on a suggestion from Sheila Stewart, I wrote my Sunday post in my hotel room on Saturday and scheduled it for 5am.  I slept in on Sunday morning and I did check that the post went out and it did.  Nobody complained so life just goes on.

I had every intention of double checking everything Sunday night but this Minnesota Vikings fan only heard about the “greatest play ever, the Minneapolis Miracle” on the radio and so was surfing the sports channels last night when I got home to actually see it.

Things were different this morning.  I awoke to a message from one of my social media consciences, Aviva, shortly after 5am.

Screenshot 2018-01-15 at 11.25.54

And, there were a few more.

I checked and, yes, it was sitting there ready to appear at 6am or rather, 5am Central Time.  Grrrr.

Lessons learned here –

  • if you’re reliable, people come to expect that reliability
  • the default times come from the time zone that you happened to be in.  I should have known and planned for this

Will it happen again in the future?  I’d like to say no but I know me probably better than anyone else.  It will happen.  I apologize in advance.

I’m also going to look into the WordPress settings.  I wonder if there is a feature to always schedule something according to the home time zone even if I’m not in it.  That would be the best possible solution.

Otherwise, I’ll have to remember to do some mental math before I schedule things.

Related to this, it was disappointing that nobody complained that I didn’t do #FollowFridays on Friday morning…

5 thoughts on “Time zones

  1. Doug, I’ve never gotten into scheduling posts before, so I applaud you for being able to do this! My alarm goes off at 4:45, & I love checking and responding to a few emails until I get out the of bed. Reading your post is the last thing I do before getting ready for the day. I love routine, so I certainly missed your post yesterday morning. But you are wonderful enough to push publish when you got my message, so I could read your interview at breakfast instead.

    As for the Follow Friday tweets, I realized they were missing early in the morning (minus the #twioe ones). I remember you mentioning that at some point you were thinking about getting rid of them. I thought this was it. So I just used your lists to follow more Ontario educators. Not as quick, but it was a good way to make my way through the lists.

    Happy Tuesday, Doug!

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  2. I guess we all do things our own way. It would be boring if we were all the same. I like the concept of scheduling for a couple of reasons – it’s a reminder that I need to write and, if I’m ambitious or going to be away from a keyboard, I can write a couple of posts in advance. I suspect that we all have our own way of doing things and that’s terrific. I’d hate to think that we’d all get stuck in the same rut.

    As for the #FollowFriday stuff, I still get a kick out of it. It’s a way that I force myself to see who is active and what they’ve been up to as I go through and create the posts.

    Thanks for taking the time to check in.

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  3. Yes, a little variety is the spice of life! Glad we all find ways that work for us. Your way works well for readers too, as we know when to expect your post.

    Glad that #followfridays aren’t done yet. I love looking through your tweets and finding new people to follow.



  4. I didn’t register the missing #followfridays, because I did catch the #twioe tweets. You are amazingly consistent, Doug, and it is very much appreciated. Trying hard to follow that model (as I’m about to post my 3rd blog post in 3 weeks!) – but I didn’t quite make my Monday deadline this week.


  5. Noticed but didn’t complain. Everyone ‘s entitled to an off week. Fighting a bug myself and figured you might be too. Appreciate all you do…glad it was time zones that tripped you up , not a bug, and all is right in your world!


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