Whatever happened to …

… broomball?

Thanks to Sheila Stewart for the idea for this post.  It came via a message to me.

In part …

My husband and I were discussing our weekend broomball games during HS and wondered if anyone plays that much anymore.

This was a strange memory for me.

I had to do some head scratching on this one.  My first reaction was that I never played it.  But, upon further reflection, I do remember playing it on at least one occasion with friends at high school.

It was basically a pickup game at the local arena.  There was a league in town and, for some reason, the league owned the equipment and you could borrow it if you wanted to play.  If you read this description in Wikipedia, there’s a complete listing of the equipment that players need to wear.

In our case, I just remember a bunch of us borrowing the broomball sticks and going out on the ice with our running shoes.  We didn’t play the full range of the ice, instead opting for playing boards to boards at one end.  It was fun but, other than that once, I don’t ever remember playing it more often.  I guess we were more hockey people.

For a Sunday, what are your thoughts?

  • Do you or did you ever play broomball?
  • Do they now, or did they in the day, play broomball in your community?
  • In the article, it makes reference to broomball being one of Canadian heritage sports.  What are the others?
  • Given the very high price of hockey, would broomball be a more affordable game for kids today?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks, Sheila, for the idea.  If you have an idea for this series of posts, please add it to the Padlet here.

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