Ghost towns

I love it when I discover something by accident.  It happened to me recently.  I was doing some research on an old community that I had visited once and discovered that it’s now considered a Ghost Town.

And, what would anything be if there wasn’t an internet page to celebrate it.

There is…


I was on a tear about Provincial Parks and remember camping at Inverhuron as a child.  Looking up Inverhuron, I found that it had made the Ghost Town list here.

It was interesting to read about the community.  In particular, the rollover on the pictures was particularly interesting.  It’s often that current communities have images to celebrate their history but it’s especially nice to see that a “ghost town” would do the same.

Now, me being me, I couldn’t just stop at one.  So, I took a look down the list and found a number of places that I remember and many that I’d actually been through.  It was interesting to see Moncrieff make the list.  Of particular interest was the old school house which I recall as a community centre and taking a girl I was dating there a couple times.

So, what else?

Well, for me, there was:

  • Armstrong Mills
  • Balaclava (I didn’t know there were two of them)
  • Chesterfield
  • Dawn Mills
  • Epping
  • Eugenia
  • Lieury
  • Proton Station
  • Rock Mills
  • Sauble Falls
  • Shipley

Those I know I’ve visited for sure.  There were some names that did seem familiar.

From this website, though, these are just the ghost towns from the South West.  The rest of the province is in there too!

How many places can you remember?



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