One word spawns many connections

I can’t get over how this thing has grown.

From my perspective, it started as a post on Julie Balen’s blog “2017 #OneWordOnt Reflection“.  It got me thinking and I talked about the post on This Week in Ontario Edublogs on voiceEd Radio.  It was on the show that Stephen Hurley asked me what my one word for 2018 would be.  I hadn’t thought about it.  But, I did and it eventually led to a blog post from me.

I pretty much had to – I had noticed that all of the exemplars that Julie had provided were from women.  Then, more people started to blog about things and Julie started a whole community of Ontario Educators and their words on Google Plus to put it together in one place.  As I write this post on Monday afternoon, there are currently 55 members of the community.

Something else pretty remarkable happened at the same time.  A group of New York state educators were chatting away about their own OneWord initiative.  Pretty soon, Ontario educators were conversing with New York educators and vice versa.  It was so interesting to follow.  All of a sudden, I had a number of new followers from New York state.

Then, there was this Twitter message.

Now, I’d never heard of a Buncee before but tracking down the one that was created here was easy enough – it’s here.

Screenshot 2018-01-08 at 13.55.59The results are an interesting display of the results with a card approach rather than the one taken by Google Plus.

There’s some interesting words in that collection.  Even if you’re not participating, it’s an interesting look around to see what other people are focused on.

I reached back to Julie and we came up with a way to continue the learning and sharing here in Ontario.  Julie is going to lead an #ECOOchat this evening, January 9, on Twitter.

You can read about her plans here.  #ECOOchat takes on #OneWordOnt

I hope that you can find time to join her.  She’s got an interesting collection of questions designed to engage those who are participating.

And, if you’ve written a blog post, make sure that you’ve added its link to the Google Plus community.

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