Going, Going

… soon to be gone.

It’s with some sadness that visitors to the Storify website read the announcement that the service is no longer taking new accounts and will be unavailable after May 16, 2018.

Who hasn’t created a Storify document?  Or looked through one created by someone else?  Or participated in one by Tweeting using a particular hashtag?

I know that I’ve used them in a number of ways – probably the most productive were to collect the Tweets from the Bring IT, Together Conference when I co-chaired it in 2013 and 2014.  Even my ego got involved with one called “Me at #BIT14“.

Screenshot 2017-12-15 at 10.06.18

For many, this has been the go-to resource for easily collecting data.  If you’re a user of Storify, you should read their FAQ for more details, including how to export your old Storify documents and how to purchase an account for Storify 2.   The key message here that your old documents will no longer be accessible so you’re going to have to make a call about what you want to do going forward.

So what is a person supposed to do?  When using a free service, there’s always a chance that it will go away or get acquired by someone else or have its own plan to monetize itself.

The past week, the Educational Computing Organization of Ontario held and #ECOOchat dealing with the Hour of Code.  For our purposes, we used Participate.  Our collection is available here.

Screenshot 2017-12-15 at 10.09.23

It seemed to work well for our purposes.  It allowed me to write this post on the ECOO website.

How about you?  Are you a regular user of Storify?  What are your plans for collecting data in the future?

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6 thoughts on “Going, Going”

  1. I was so upset about this news. I use Storify every weekday for our class blog posts, and now they’re all going to be gone. I think the amount of content I need to export is going to be beyond what I can do and upload. I’m going to need to check out Storify 2. I wonder if I can hold onto my old Storify’s if I purchase Storify 2. If not, Andrew Campbell told me about Twitter Memories. I think it will work, but I can’t add the extra text as easily as I’d like. I also think I can add a link to my blog, but not embed it. I prefer the embed option. I never thought I would be so upset about a service closing, but this one has really done me in. Wonder how many others feel the same way, and what they’re going to do.


  2. I wonder what they’re going to do too. I know that you’ve been a long time user and I’ve made it into some of the posts that you’ve created. My first thought of your blog was to leave it open all the time and just add your posts to it as they happen. I agree with the limitations of memories. Another idea might be to use Google Keep or OneNote to collect your materials as you generate them and then bring them across to your blog at the end of the day.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, Doug! I think that I struggle as I know that many of our parents check the tweets and Instagram posts throughout the day. I know that some parents are actually more comfortable with accessing these sights than the blog, and I’d like to continue to give parents what they’d like and what works for them. I also want to at least be able to continue using Instagram, as it’s through there that I’ve been collecting photographs and videos, along with our observations and reflections, to truly create some pedagogical documentation. This has been a goal of mine, and Instagram is actually the one thing that is working for me as I move from just documentation to pedagogical documentation.

    I guess that my struggle is that our blog is about sharing more than just pictures and videos. If I post little happenings all day on our blog, the flow of the day will not be captured as well, and I won’t have the time to provide the context that I think is important: linking the learning to expectations but also to future learning opportunities. And if I use one of the other tools, parents won’t be able to view this documentation during the day or before I can get everything together and up on the blog (which is often after 8:00). I want to also hold true to what works for them.

    I never really thought about what would happen if Storify ceased to exist, but I’m realizing now just how complicated it can be.


  4. I too am extreme disappointed as I compile a weekly storify to share with staff, parents, our community and my PLN. I have been doing this for 2 years and I have people that tell me they wait for it every Friday evening. And have learned so much from others. Would appreciate suggestions.

  5. Didn’t know Storify was going to stop. Storify 2 doesn’t make all that much sense and I won’t be paying for it. I don’t have a good idea how I will capture conversations in the future. Recently, Storify has been a really great way to capture conversations on #ontedassessment. I don’t see how Participate will work as well and Participate still seems to have a 140 character limit, so 2016!

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