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At the Annual General Meeting of ECOO last week, the membership installed a new Board of Directors.  You can read about it and see the list of the members here.


Not wanting to wait, things are already in motion.

If you haven’t visited ECOO.ORG in the past week, you will have missed the launch of the new web presence.

The Board of Directors is committed to bringing value to ECOO members between Annual Conferences.

One of the new features will be a “Blogger of the Week” where the website will feature a different Ontario blogging voice regularly.  This will provide a new way at looking at the concept of a Blog Roll.  We wanted to start the process well and invited Jennifer Casa-Todd to be our first.

Follow the link above to the Blogger of the Week to learn more about Jennifer where she’s also been asked to hand select her five “best” blog posts.  “Best” comes from her perspective.  We hope that you’ll quickly become a “Jennifer fan” and follow her blog for updates.

Speaking of blogging, guest blogging will soon be available for members using our platform to potentially reach a different audience.  This will be available for people who already have a blog and are looking for an additional audience or for that new blogger who thinks they just have one post in them for now and are looking for a place to put it.

You’ll also notice that there’s a calendar on the website.  We’re devoting this to promoting technology conferences, edcamps, mini-conferences, and anything that would be on a technology related topic for ECOO members.

If you’re not following @ECOOorg on Twitter, you need to be!  It’s here where you’ll find announcements from the organization and other features recently added like The @ECOOorg Daily newspaper.

That’s the beginning.  If you poke around, you’ll get a hint of what your organization has planned for you.  These ideas will become formally announced once details are finalized.

If you’re new to ECOO, or even if you are not, you might enjoy the rich history of the organization.

We want to hear from you.  A contact form has been created to let you provide input.  We want ECOO to be the best it can be for you.

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