Better writing?

Greetings from a rainy, thundering outside computer.  It’s Sunday afternoon and my Minnesota Vikings have a bye week.

No matter.  I just had to finish off this blog post and hope, with my furry friend, that the rain will eventually end.

So, I flipped open my computer and was distracted when I noticed that I had a new follower on Twitter- ComWriter.


I was intrigued so thought I would check it out.

There is an interesting table comparing the features against EndNote, Zotero, and Google Docs.  Not surprisingly, the table highlights things that it does that the others don’t.

There are two types of account – student and researcher.


There doesn’t appear to be a way to kick the tires on the application.  I was particularly interested to see if it would be helpful for better blog writing.

So, I’m asking for a bit of help here.  Does anyone use this?  Any suggestions/recommendations?

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2 thoughts on “Better writing?”

  1. I haven’t heard of this service, Doug, but I really wonder if it’s necessary (especially for blogging). When I read a blog post, it’s the flow of ideas that capture my attention the most. I even think that a little flexibility in grammatical rules is a good thing (and I know that not everyone will agree with me on this comment 🙂 ). But I’m just worried that a service like this one may change the tone of your writing — and other people’s writing — and when it comes to this blog, I’d feel sad about a change in tone. What do others think? I’m curious to find out.


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  2. Thanks for the kind comment, Aviva. I was interested in the research and quoting features for blogging. Don’t worry about the tone; I think there’s still a place for blogging from a personal point of view.

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