Two Counts and a Ghost Story

One of the neat things of being in the Detroit media market is the wide variety of media forms that we get.  As Hallowe’en comes I’m reminded of a couple.

Count Scary

Count Scary was a character created by Tom Ryan, a local radio personality.  In this case, he took it to television as a host for horror movies.  After I’d seen the movies so many times, I found myself just turning in to watch the Count’s spots at commercial times.

Count Stupid

Inspired by Count Scary, a competing radio station had their own take on the theme.  The “Morning Crew” generally featured George Baker as Dick the Bruiser.  His impersonation was great and, if you followed professional wrestling, you loved it.  But, at Hallowe’en, he emerged as Count Stupid, a direct takeoff on Count Scary.

Sadly, I can’t find any voice captured for this.  But, I do have memories of listening on the drive to work

Where Count Scary had his tagline, “Ooooh, that’s scary”, Count Stupid has his “Ooooo, that’s stupid”.

Great memories for Hallowe’en.  Where are they now?

Does your favourite media outlet treat today as something special?

Now, if your media outlet doesn’t, there have to be horror stories in your community.  Here’s ours.  Ghost hunting on Texas Road could find you some real-world trouble this Halloween There’s even a Facebook group.

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