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We’re flying

Facebook has this feature that brings back memories on the current day.  For the most part, I use it to revisit some pictures that I’ve taken or blog posts that I’ve written or resources that I’ve played around with.

This morning included a resource I’d played with.  It’s not uncommon, during these memory moments, to find that a resource has gone.  It’s always special to see that it’s still there.

This one was still around and I got a hoot from playing with it so decided to include it in this post.  Just for fun, perhaps, but there could be all kinds of geography fun involved as well.

The site is PaperPlanes.  Or, play with an App.

The premise is pretty simple.

You “name” a paper airplane on your smartphone and then “throw” it.

Screenshot 2017-10-03 at 10.26.44

From there, it goes out and around the world.  Someone might reach out and catch it.  Or, you might catch one that someone else has thrown, location provided for you.

Where in the world will the airplane you catch originate?



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