Whatever happened to …

… Bits and Bytes?

If you watched TVOntario in the 1980s, here’s your ear worm for this Sunday morning.

This was cutting edge stuff.  I remember having access to the entire series available through the library at school for my classroom.  It was also something that I watched on television at home.  There was something very unique about learning about computers on television.

It was actually very timely for those of us computer geeky types who had programmed computers and mini-computers at university.  The whole world of micro-computers was new to us.

Plus, I loved Luba Goy and Billy Van.  In the series, Luba came across as so smart and computer knowledgeable.  Billy came across as the eager learner, asking the silly questions that we all wish we could ask but were afraid to.  Were they the original digital native / digital immigrant?  Watch the entire video and see.

The full list of episodes is listed on Wikipedia and, of course, you can view them through the magic of YouTube.  I’m struck by the titles to the episodes.  They are very important as you learn the basics and the concepts certainly apply today.

Screenshot 2017-09-16 at 09.25.16.png

All of the shows are embedded within this YouTube Search.  I found it interesting (and amusing) to revisit the shows.

The Commodore PET, Radio Shack TRS-80 and the other equipment just seems to antiquated by today’s standards!  But I used them all.

And yet, despite the chuckles I gave here as I watched, this was terrific personal learning at the time.  Dare I admit that I learned quite a bit from the programs?  As a classroom teacher, watching Billy struggle with the jargon and the foreign technology was illuminating.  Were my students struggling to learn how to operate these “new to them” devices in the same way?

How about you?  For this Sunday morning, please share some thoughts.

  • Did you ever watch the Bits and Bytes show?
  • How about the Royal Canadian Air Farce?
  • Would you use a television show like this in your classroom to teach concepts?
  • Would the content taught in these shows stand up to a 2017 fact check?
  • Is there a similar educational television show that you do use?
  • Speaking of this, is educational television dead? Have we migrated from the 30 minute show to the 3 minute online video?
  • Could you see your own students creating a video demonstrating or teaching concepts of today’s technology using the same format?

As always, I’d enjoy reading your thoughts.  C’mon, if you watched that clip above, you can at least take a moment to leave a thought!

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