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One of the powerful visual tools, depending upon the story that you want to tell, is a timeline.  I’ve used a number of programs over the years to create timelines and even have just plunked my data into a spreadsheet for the concept.

Recently, I played around with Time Graphics.

This is a pretty comprehensive implementation of a timeline creation utility.  Now, I’ve always created my timelines with text values.  Time Graphics incorporates so much more.

Clicking on your timeline lets you add an entry pickable from this selection of items.

Screenshot 2017-09-15 at 17.22.21

You might recognize some of the icons.  Working my way around the wheel of entries…

  • Event
  • Time period
  • Percentage
  • Statistics
  • Reporting APIs
  • Grouping
  • Yandex Metrika
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Calendar
  • Import from Google Sheets

Everything that I had ever created pales in comparison to what can be done here.  The resulting timeline can be public or private.  If it’s public, then you can see the work of others, including the ability to embed in another document.

I poked around with some of the public timelines and was impressed with this one – Video Game History Timeline.

Screenshot 2017-09-15 at 17.36.28

 https://time.graphics/embed?v=1&id=886 Time.Graphics – free timeline online maker

In this one document, I think I’ve changed more of my understanding of timelines than ever before.  And, the video game collection is worthy of starting a classroom discussion.  I’m glad that the author made it public.

A private idea?  How about a timeline of students by birthday?  Have an image of each to mark them on the time.

I’d suggest you take a wander over and check it out.  I’ll bet you can think of all kinds of ways to use timelines after you see this.


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  1. I remember that Jared Bennett (@mrjarbenne) used to use timelines for social studies, and looks at specific people and events in history. I forget which one he used, but this choice looks great! Thanks for sharing, Doug! I’m curious to hear how others have used timelines before.



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